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I am a long-time nature/outdoors FAPA-Gold2lover born and raised in NJ and transplanted to FL and ME. My interest in fresh food launched some 40+ years ago with the birth of my first baby. She was full term and healthy, but tiny, weighing in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. I vowed to feed her fresh, home-made food, and so the odyssey began.

We lived on a mini farm – just 5 acres, and I created the most self-sustaining environment I could conjure. We milked goats and raised some of our meat and veggies. I baked bread and made yogurt. My children moaned that no one would trade lunches with them because their sandwiches consisted of home-made peanut butter and jelly on home-made whole wheat bread, an adolescent’s version of yucky.


I wrote Recipes and Life at my daughter’s suggestion to share some of our stories as well as kitchen tips and tricks developed through the years. There are also 50 recipes gleaned from friends/foodies who value whole food. I feel fortunate to offer a glimpse of my passion for home-made and home-grown as well as embracing what Mother Nature has to offer.

I’ve heard from my readers that they want more, so I’ve hatched an outreach plan via this blog. I invite you to share your favorites – delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare.

You can purchase my book at:

Gulf Coast Bookstore, Fort Myers, FL

The Good Life Market, Raymond, ME

The Book Garden, Frenchtown, NJ

Barnes & Noble, Fort Myers, FL

Amazon – also available on Kindle

10 thoughts on “Recipes and Life”

  1. Love your new blog site. Judy did a great job!
    Also congratulations on being a finalist in the Home and Garden
    category for the FAPA President’s award. Your book desires the gold award!

  2. Congratulations! Very interesting reading my friend. Hopefully we’ll see you two up here in the mountains of NC again soon!

  3. We live it and take it all in stride. The fun part is looking back and being able to relive it at a different time in your life.
    Love you Sis. Great book!

  4. You go girl! Keep cranking out those books. Congrats on your award nomination. We are all rooting for you to win. See you in Florida in October. Ann

  5. Alice,
    Another wonderful book! What a terrific collection of recipes and stories and your book is the perfect size to take on vacation too! I am always in awe of your books and all of the people you lift up along the way! Looking forward to the next edition!

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